Computer Science Engineering


                     Computer Science and Engineering is one of the popular courses among engineering students. It mainly focuses on programming, computation, analysis of algorithm, program design and testing, software engineering etc for design, development and analysis of software and hardware used to solve the problem of various businesses, scientific and social issues. Computer Science and Engineering integrates both computer hardware and software and is intended to develop solid understanding of the entire computer system and its other accessories and software. It provides sophistication to the world and touches human lives in all the aspects such as education, transportation, entertainment, banking, social media, healthcare and supply chain management etc. Computer science and engineering is an inter disciplinary subject like psychology, geology science, maths, art and music with the subject of bio informatics, electronics, operation research etc. This study helps the students to understand how computer science fits into a mid range of domains in the world.

Job opportunities in India and Abroad. ( Both Public & Private Sectors)

Job opportunities for computer science and engineering available over 50% of all available jobs in engineering. In India 60% of jobs are available in IT sector (both private and public sector).

In public sector such as Railways, Airport, ONGC, Remote Sensing and Banking Sector, etc…

In Private Sector such as TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, HCL Technology, Tech Mahindra, Zoho, Intel, Accenture, IBM, FSS, etc…


To be a centre of excellence for transforming students into proficient Computer Science Engineers through sustainable practices.


  • Impart core fundamental knowledge and necessary skills in Computer Science and Engineering through innovative teaching and learning methodology

  • Inculcate critical thinking, ethics, lifelong learning and creativity needed for industry and society

  • Cultivate the students with all-round competencies, for career, higher education and self-employability