Power Electronics is the technology of switching and converting high level of electrical power. This is performed by power semiconductors like diodes, thyristors and IGBTs.

  • This programme imparts knowledge in the field of power electronics and its application to electrical machines, industrial equipments and power systems. It also gives hands-on experience through practical and project courses. This programme will provide the graduates with the knowledge base and the practical know-how to meet the challenges of the industry.
  • The course also provides advanced insights which could be useful for further academic work in the field.

Thanks to Power Electronics, the electricity needed to run the things you use every day, is processed, filtered and delivered with maximum efficiency, but in the smallest size and minimal weight. The advent of semiconductor devices with high switching frequency and improved voltage and current ratings make it possible to build more efficient power converters with high dynamic performance. Power Electronics involves design, analysis and control of power converters using more sophisticated microelectronic devices such as Microcontrollers and DSPs.

For example, Power electronics is used in

  • Computers

  • Automobiles

  • Telecommunications

  • Space systems and Satellites

  • Motors

  • Lightings

  • Alternative Sources of Energy like Solar and Wind

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